February 2016

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  • Apartment: Start A Kitchen Herb Garden

    There is nothing like fresh fruits and vegetables from your own garden to give your health and taste buds a treat. Starting a apartment kitchen herb garden is a great and easy way to give your food the fresh taste of summer all year round, and it is easy and inexpensive, too! Pick A Spot […]

  • 5 Tips for First-Time Apartment Renters

      Hunting for an apartment and moving in can be a really exciting experience especially if it’s your first. Choosing a new home is a huge decision. Think about it—where you live, sleep and spend your down-time is a pretty important factor when it comes to your overall happiness; so that decision deserves all the […]

  • Tips For Falling Asleep in Your New Apartment

    Carve out at least 30 minutes of wind-down time before bed in which you do something relaxing, such as read a book. Dim the lights in the apartment slightly for an hour or so before bed. Disconnect from close-range electronic devices such as laptops, phones, and tablets, as the light from their screens can alert […]

  • The Apartment Hunter’s Four Step Guide to Success

    Choosing an apartment isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. After all, you’re talking about choosing the place that will become your shelter—one of your most basic human needs. Odds are, you’re going to be committing to that decision for at least the next year, which is the typical term of an apartment lease; […]

  • Life Hacks for a Small(ish) Apartment Bathroom

      Unless you’re reading this from the spacious comfort of your sprawling penthouse on Fifth Avenue, your apartment was probably carefully designed to be optimally space-efficient. That’s a nice way of saying that a brilliant architect was probably tasked with the job of allocating more space in the rooms you’re likely to spend a lot […]

  • Top Tips for Sharing Your Apartment with a Pet

    Whether you and your pet are moving together into a new apartment or if you’re just getting one now that you’re in a pet-friendly place, there are a few things you’ll need to know in order to share your space with your furry friend. Here are our favorite tips for making—and keeping—your apartment as comfortable […]